Remember This

Remember This

A tale of loss and the power of unmitigated memory when a woman and her step-brother are reunited after forty years apart and a childhood full of secrets.

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On the surface, Laura leads a happy and successful life in downtown New York. But there are memories she can’t control, and now phone calls with no voice on the other end have begun to pierce her contentment. Memories of her dead mother keep coming back to her and she sees her step-brother, Simon, in the face of every stranger.

As children in postwar London, Laura and Simon had been caught up in the events surrounding their parents’ search for happiness, thrown together by an affair Laura’s father had with Simon’s mother while her mother was dying. The two children developed a love so intense that no adult could penetrate it. Then, suddenly, Simon was torn from Laura’s life. Now he is back again.

  1. Nancy Lemann, Los Angeles Times Book Review

    “[T]old with simplicity and quiet passion, on a haunting subject…[a] gripping tale.”

  2. New Letters

    “We feel enriched…stick with this story and it expands outward as naturally as memory itself.”

  3. The West Coast Review of Books

    “Powerful in its simplicity…rich and colorful…wonderfully well-written…a satisfying piece of work you’ll want to share with friends.”

  4. Katha Pollitt

    “[A] dark and elegant new novel…a wonderful book – wise, moving, and as exciting as any thriller.”

  5. Stanley Elkin

    “[A] fine piece of fiction and a carefully crafted exoneration of love’s downside.”

  6. Library Journal

    “A suspenseful, probing examination of a disintegrating family.”